Wedgwood For Sale: March 2011

89 Piece Set Of Wedgwood China Embossed Queen's Ware

Up for sale is this VINTAGE and IMPOSSIBLE to find 89 Piece Wedgwood Embossed Queen's Ware China Set with servings for 8! This set is in excellent condition as you can see in the pictures with exception of 3 pieces that have been noted below. There is NO CRAZING on any of these pieces or repairs! Based on the numbers on the back these pieces were made in the late 60s to early 70s as they read 68-71 depending on the piece. On the back of this set it reads Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston Made In England Embossed Queen's Ware. Go ahead and look on the Internet you will not find another complete set like it! This is a one of a kind opportunity to get your hands on a rare set of Wedgwood Queen's Ware.

The massive set for 8 people includes the following...

* 1 Large Platter 14" x 11" (Excellent Condition)
* 8 Salad Plates 8" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Medium Size Plates 6-1/4" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Saucers For Tea Cups 6" (All Excellent Condition)
* 2 Ash Trays 4" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Dinner Plates 10-1/2" (All Excellent Condition)
* 2 Large Serving Bowls 9-3/4" x 8" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Saucers for Demitasse Cups 5" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Fruit Bowls 5" (1 small chip, the rest excellent condition)
* 8 Bowls 6" (All Excellent Condition)
* 8 Soup Bowls 8" (1 small crack, the rest excellent)
* 9 Demitasse Cups 3-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" tall (1 small chip on bottom, the rest excellent)
* 8 Tea Cups 4-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" tall (All Excellent Condition)
* 1 Creamer 4" wide x 4-1/4" tall (Excellent Condition)
* 1 Sugar Bowl With Lid 5-1/4" wide x 4-1/4"tall (Excellent Condition)
* 1 Tea Pot With Lid 8-1/2" wide x 6" tall (Excellent Condition)

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